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Miraak's dragon priest mask.
Miraak's dragon priest mask.

Miraak is the main antagonist of the Skyrim DLC pack Dragonborn and the first Dragonborn and a dragon priest. He ruled over the island of Solstheim where he had a temple built for him. His name in dragon language means "Allegiance Guide". He was once the leader of the Dragon Cult, where he was given his own eponymous dragon priest mask by the dragons. He sought knowledge from Hermaeus Mora and his black books, and became his champion. Hermaeus Mora taught Miraak how to bend the will of dragons and devour their very souls. He turned on them and killed many dragons, and in return they razed his temple. Hermaeus Mora protected his champion, resulting in Miraak being trapped in Hermaeus Mora's realm.

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