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    Mirage aircraft a French made military aircraft that has appeared in many games. It is one of the most commonly used airplanes in the world.

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    The Mirage is a series of aircraft developed by Dassault Aviation, the company was founded by Marcel Bloch who later changed his name to Marcel Dassault. The Mirage is one of the most iconic air craft in the world with numerous countries possessing it in their inventory.

    Over the years Dassault Aviations continue to create more Mirage aircraft's to today, many were primarily used by the French air force, with many more nations also possessing it. It has seen many combat experience and was utilized in many wars across the globe.

    Name of AircraftRoleYear of ProductionFirst Flight
    Mirage IIIINTERCEPTOR196117/11/1956
    Mirage IIIVVTOL FIGHTER1965-196612/02/1965
    Mirage IVSTRATEGIC BOMBER1963-196817/06/1959
    Mirage 5GROUND ATTACK FIGHTER196719/05/1967
    Mirage F1FIGHTER197323/12/1966
    Mirage F2GROUND ATTACK FIGHTER196612/06/1966
    Mirage 2000MULTIROLE FIGHTER198210/03/1978
    Mirage 2000NFIGHTER-BOMBER198603/03/1986

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