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Miriam is a Shardbinder: a human who was forcefully fused with cursed crystals from the Alchemy Guild and used as sacrifice to summon demons. Unlike the others, Miriam was spared her sacrifice due to falling into an unnatural ten-year slumber.

Upon awaking, she learns that fellow surviving Shardbinder Gebel is amassing a large army of demons in his castle by the small village of Arvantville. Seeking to "fulfill her promise" to him, she sets out (along with former guildmember Johannes) to stop Gebel's plans.

In the English version of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, she is voiced by Erica Lindbeck.

Curse of the Moon

In the companion game Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon, Miriam is a minor protagonist who is rescued by Zangetsu and, depending on the player's actions, can join him as a playable ally.

If Miriam is sacrificed, Zangetsu gains the Crescent Moon Soul Art, which transforms his aerial attack into a vertical slash, hitting targets below and above him along with those in front of him.


  • Whip Smash: Basic attack. The whip snaps forward, horizontally. Long range melee attack, but slow attack speed.
  • High Jump: Miriam's jump height is roughly a third higher than any of the other characters.
  • Slide: By crouching and pressing the jump button, Miriam can slide along the ground. Can be used to reach previously unattainable paths. Does not damage enemies.
  • Dagger: Default sub-weapon. Miriam throws a single knife across the screen, until it either reaches the end of the screen or makes contact with an enemy. Does not penetrate through foes. Low damage skill; consumes 1 WP.
  • Rapier: Sub-weapon. Throws three knives at once, at an upward diagonal angle. Each knife goes at a slightly different angle. Does moderate damage if all three find the same target; consumes 3 WP.
  • Sickle: Sub-weapon. Throws a spinning scythe horizontally across the screen, which then comes back in the direction it was thrown. Can hit enemies twice. Miriam will catch the scythe on it's return trip if she makes contact with it, but no WP will be refunded. Consumes 3 WP.
  • Axe: Sub-weapon. Over the course of roughly one second, Miriam brings a great-axe over her head, and smashes it onto the ground in front over her. Deals a high amount of damage; consumes 6 WP.

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