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It's one step forward and two steps back in this rebooted prequel of Mirror's Edge 0

2008's Mirror's Edge feels like, love it or hate it, a game that turned heads. DICE, better known for their work on Battlefield, releasing a parkour-focused first-person platformer was already a wild idea. It being released during a banner year for EA, following up on games like Burnout Paradise and Dead Space made the idea seem shaky. While Mirror's Edge was certainly not as universally acclaimed or commercially successful as other headline games that year, it's one that people still hold a rev...

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Part-Time Gamers Review: Mirror's Edge Catalyst 0

By Neil JimenezWhen Mirror’s Edge made its debut in 2008, I was struck by how they made first-person platforming feel good. It had a wonderful sense of speed, simple to understand controls, and a more unique vision of the future than most sci-fi of today gives us. However, it was also deeply flawed, most notably by the inclusion of guns that turned the combat into a subpar first-person shooter that slowed down the action. With Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, we get to return to a world wher...

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Running Down A Dream 0

When I finished the first Mirror's Edge, I hoped for a sequel that would polish the game's rough edges into a spectacular game. After finishing Mirror's Edge Catalyst, I'm hoping the developers get a shot at Mirror's Edge 3 to finally get it right.Catalyst improves on many of the issues with Mirror's Edge 1, but adds enough new problems to nearly cancel out the improvements. On the positive side, the free-running feels much better than the first game. Falling to your death is rarely a fluke on ...

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Video Review - Mirror's Edge Catalyst 0

Mirror's Edge Catalyst from DICE represents a return to form for the franchise. While that means what was great about the series, the art style and traversal, are in tact, it also means the same issues that plagued the first game return. For more information check out the VIDEO REVIEW....

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Mirror's Edge Catalyst Review 0

Do you ever hear new material from one of your favorite bands that just makes you want to listen to that album of theirs that you already know you love? That’s how Mirror’s Edge Catalyst was for me. Mirror’s Edge (PS3) is one of my top ten favorite games. It was incredibly unique, awesomely scored, and visually unforgettable. So of course my fandom made me excited for the sequel. But my play of Catalyst just ended up reminding me of my love for the original and made me want to...

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Mirror's Edge Catalyst - Take me down to vertigo city where the glass, it gleams, and the textures are gritty 0

After playing the first Mirror's Edge from developer DICE, I was looking forward to the sequel. I was very much pulled in by the story of the original game as well as the movement-as-a-puzzle gameplay it offered. With the different take on the city of Glass presented in Mirror's Edge Catalyst, I found both positives and negatives that ultimately resulted in a reasonably enjoyable experience.Mirror's Edge Catalyst picks up where the first game left off. The protagonist, Faith, is getting out of j...

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Mirror's Edge: Catalyst - Parkour Fun with a Hint of Corporate Opression 0

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst is a pleasant surprise simply for existing at all. That the fresh and exhilarating concepts found within the original Mirror’s Edge were getting a second breath of life filled me with hope. I remember EA and DICE shouting boldly at Catalyst’s announcement, “There won’t be any gunplay,” which suggested they had been listening to the criticisms of the first game and were heading in the right direction. As the game came closer to release ...

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Just Run 0

When the original Mirror's Edge was released in 2008 it was the realization of a then novel idea; first person action centered on traversal instead of combat. The days of every blockbuster game being a World War II shooter were about to fizzle out and modern military shooters were about to take the reins of the first person perspective.For some, Mirror’s Edge was a beacon of light sent to stop this militaristic gaming future. Something they would be able to hold up and say “Hey! Game...

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