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    Mirrored Maps

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    Developers may copy and mirror existing maps or courses in a game to add replayability and longevity to a game.

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    Adding "mirrored" courses is a simple and easy way to include more content within a game.

    By using assets already in the game, a mirrored map takes up very minimal space on a game medium. This technique is especially useful for large sized maps or if developers are working with limited storage space, such as a cartridge.

    Because a map has to be completed and tested before it is mirrored, it makes a mirrored map easy to debug.

    In an extreme case, The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess for the Wii was completely inverted horizontally, including Link's character model. This was made so that Link could be right-handed, generally matching the actions of mostly right-handed gamers. As an offset, the sun in the game rises and sets in reverse direction, characters shake hands using left hands, and obviously Link is right-handed despite being traditionally left-handed throughout the series.


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