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Its a game in developement!

(Provided you all know the basis of what the game is) Now i'm not one to play many first or even 3rd person shooters but,  this game got my attention. The creators in this game got one thing right and that was the fluidity of the movements this really gives the game its essence.

 The main downfall to the game was the fighting sequence. In the game you have to get from one place to the other delivering packages of information. In many parts of this game officers of the law, shall we call them come out to attempt to kill or arrest you, This combat in most parts of the game is unavoidable causing it to lose its peak in fluidity. In order to avoid this the gamer should be able to take a separate route in order to avoid these officers of the law but is some parts of the game this isn't possible.

For all you achievement lovers one of these is to never shoot an enemy. This achievement isn't impossible but it comes at a price of having to redo parts of the game over and over until luck or skill you disable almost every single officer by hand.

Kyle Gagnon Hope you enjoyed would love feedback

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