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    Mirror's Edge

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Apr 01, 2010

    A 2D side scrolling platformer set in the Mirror's Edge universe.

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    Faith Jumping
    Faith Jumping

    This version of Mirror's Edge ditches the first person perspective and goes for a side scrolling platformer. Most of the art is still realtime 3D. The game takes place in the over exposed white city we style that makes Mirror's Edge so unique. In the iPad you play as Faith, the same female protagonist from the console version. Faith is a runner in a city that thrives on control. Runners are a cultish group of couriers for the liberal rebels, getting messages across the city, because all other forms of communication are tapped. Faith in this game doesn't kill, she doesn't use guns, she just runs and knocks out police. She traverses the screen by any means necessary, along roof tops using cranes and zip lines, in buildings through elevator shafts and air ducts, or below the city in parking garages or subways.

    Control / Gameplay

    The game is made specifically for the iPad and iPhone. There are no on-screen buttons or joystick. Swipe to the right and Faith runs to the right, running faster and faster until you tap the screen to make her stop. Swipe left and she turns and runs to the left. This game, like the original Mirror's Edge, is all about speed, or flow. You want to keep running and you'll move faster and faster, however there are obstacles in your way. Swipe up to jump over those obstacles or between buildings. Swipe down while running to slide underneath them. You can take enemies down with a slide or a jump kick performed by flicking up again to the right. The game steadily introduces new moves like wall runs, wall jumps, and wall slides.

    Split Screen Mode
    Split Screen Mode

    The game is often compared to Canabalt. However, Mirror's Edge on the iPad has much more verticality as Faith can climb up and slide down buildings. There are also moments in which you have to chase after other runners and knock down enemies. Mirror's Edge also has multiple routes, some faster than others, to get to the end and collectible messenger bags hidden all over the levels.

    Mirror's Edge also takes advantage of the iPad's accelerometer. When you are sliding, zip lining, or walking a balance beam you can hold the iPad at an angle to affect Faith's speed, or in the case of balance beam walking, her balance.

    Mirror's Edge also makes use of a checkpoint system. As you progress through a level, Faith will pass satellite dishes or security cameras that save your progress. Should Faith fall to her doom, the player automatically restarts from these checkpoints.


    Speedruns are an integral part to the Mirror's Edge experience. After completing the campaign you can return to any level to complete it faster. Racing against your previous run's ghost. There are three levels of completion: 1) One star, finished in a reasonable time, 2) Two stars, finished with an impressive time, and 3) Three stars, which is a pretty perfect run.


    In Mirror's Edge multiplayer the iPad screen is split in two. Each player controls their own runner on their own side of the screen and races to complete the level.

    The iPhone version features no multiplayer, but does have the same leaderboard support found in the iPad version of the game.


    Mirror's edge launched with the iPad for $12.99 through Apple's App Store. EA calls it "an introductory price."

    Mirror's Edge for iPhone was released as a $4.99 app on September 2nd, 2010.

    Mirror's Edge for Windows Phone was released as a timed exclusive for Nokia Lumia phones on July 13, 2012.


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