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    Missile is Detective Dick Gumshoe's Shiba Inu police dog from the Ace Attorney series.

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    Missile is a police dog belonging to Detective Dick Gumshoe. He is first seen in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney when Phoenix Wright brought him to Gourd Lake to investigate a murder involving Miles Edgeworth. As Phoenix approached the Samurai Dog (Steel Samurai themed hot dogs) stand manned by Larry Butz, Missile began to growl in excitement. He then proceeded to aggressively scarf down all the remaining hotdogs, much to Larry's dismay. Phoenix then returnedMissile back to Gumshoe in order to utilize a more reliable tool for his investigations.

    Missile's second appearance occurs in Miles Edgeworth: Investigations. This time, the police dog was used to sniff out clues in Miles Edgeworth and Franziska von Karma's investigation in an embassy. Once again, Missile's superb sense of smell picked up the scent of a Samurai Dog, and he proceeded to plunge into a fireplace in the building. The crew ended up discovering Wendy Oldbag's clothes, an important clue to their case.


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