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The young, brave hero Mr. Slime must protect his native Slime Village from the evil powers that threaten it's existance, the Axons.
Use the Touch screen in this Adventure game to stretch Slimes' Arms and grab small anchors throughout the game.

Mister Slime is a kid friendly Action Adventure game that uses all of the technologies offered by the Nintendo DS's capabilities. Blow into the microphone to make Mister Slime fly in the air or help him breathe while under water. Use the Stylus to navigate the Stretchy Slime-body of the games protagonist.

Game world:

  • 5 Worlds:
    The adventure is divided into 5 different worlds
  • 40 levels:
    Each world is divided into 8 levels.
  • 40 traps/mechanisms:
    8 different kinds of traps/mechanisms for each world
  • 9 engine-based narrative animations
  • 3 cinematics
  • Voice recognition:
    In the air, you can blow in the microphone and you will create an air stream Mr.Slime can use to fly. Under water, blow and you will help him breathe.


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