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    Misty Fey

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    Head of the Fey Clan and Master of the Kurain Channeling Technique. Misty's story and family is wrapped into many cases in the Ace Attorney franchise.

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    In 1996, Misty was named the master of the Kurain Channeling Technique. While the title is generally bestowed to the oldest female in the family, Misty's powers were vastly superior to the power of her older sister Morgan. Thus, the title went to Misty.
    In 2001, Misty was called to aid in the DL-6 incident. (Explained in the fourth case of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney). Misty Fey was asked to channel the spirit of Gregory Edgeworth (The father of Miles Edgeworth) to ask who had murdered him. The spirit of Gregory Edgeworth, being channeled through Misty, accused Yani Yogi, honestly believing that Yani was the killer. However Yani was eventually declared innocent, pleaing temporary insanity due to the lack of oxygen at the crime scene (Inside an elevator).
    While Misty's involvment was intended to be a secret, Marvin Grossberg told Redd White about what had happened. Redd sold the information to the media, and both Misty and the police force were put to shame. Misty soon after left Kurain Village, asking her daughter Mia Fey to investigate Redd White.
    It was at this point where Misty began to live under the name of Elise Deauxnim. She would pose for the next 15 years as a popular children's book illustrator.
    Following the events of the second case of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice For All, Morgan Fey wanted to seek revenge on Misty, and Misty's daughter Maya, who was next in line to become the master of the Kurain Channeling Technique. Morgan planned on murdering Maya, so her own daughter, Pearl could become the master of the Kurain Channeling Technique, bringing pride to the branch family.
    One day Godot approached Misty informing her of Morgan's plan to have her daughter Dahlia Hawthorne murder Maya. Misty, Godot, and Iris created a plan to protect Maya from any harm. Misty's role in this plan was to keep Pearl busy so she could not channel Dahlia, as she was instructed to do by Morgan. Misty brought a cane with a sword concealed inside with her to Hazakura Temple, incase she herself would physically need to protect her daughter.
    The night that Morgan's plan was supposed to occur, Misty invited Pearl to come read her books with her in her room. However Pearl did not show up and Misty began to fear that she was following through with Morgan's plan. In order to prevent Pearl from doing so, Misty channeled the spirit of Dahlia Hawthorne. 
    Dahlia, inhabiting Misty's body headed to the Inner temple where Maya was training. When Dahlia had Maya cornered, Godot came from behind and drew the sword from Misty's cane, and used it to stab Misty, to prevent Dahlia from ending Maya's life. Godot and Iris would then transfer Misty's body and create a fake crime scene in order to remove suspicion from Maya.
    All of this occurred without Maya realizing she was she seeing her mother for the first time in nearly 20 years, setting up the final case of Phoenix's arc in the series.

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