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    Mitsunari Ishida

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    A prominent historical figure during Japan’s Warring States period. Mitsunari Ishida has been depicted in several video games.

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    Mitsunari Ishida was an officer under the forces of Hideyoshi Toyotomi during the latter part of the Warring States Era.  Though Hideyoshi successfully united Japan under his rule, a faction led by Ieyasu Tokugawa rose up following Hideyoshi's death.  Ishida, still loyal to Hideyoshi's ideals and the Toyotomi clan, commanded the western army against Tokugawa's eastern army.
    Historically, the western army was defeated at the pivotal Battle of Sekigahara, and Ishida's attempt to retain control of Japan for those loyal to the Toyotomi was eventually crushed.  However, some fictional depictions of Ishida have depicted him as being able to overcome or even avoid this defeat, allowing the western army to triumph.

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