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    MK.23 Socom

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    The Mk.23, also known as the SOCOM pistol, is a semi-automatic .45 caliber handgun that is highly customizable and was favored by special ops military forces in the 1990s especially. The successor to the SOCOM, the USP, remains popular today, as does the civilian model, called the Mark 23.

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    The Heckler & Koch Mk.23 is a .45 caliber handgun that has been utilized especially by the United States Special Operations Command Force, also known as SOCOM, in the 1990s. Military versions of the gun have "Mk.23 SOCOM" etched in the barrel, while the civilian model is labelled "Mark 23", although the two guns are nearly identical. The Mk.23 is semi-automatic, and is capable of equipping multiple custom parts, including flashlight, laser sight and silencer. A later version of the Mk.23, called the USP, gained popularity after its release in 1993.

    The SOCOM in Metal Gear Solid

    The SOCOM is, as any fan of the Metal Gear Solid series will tell you, Solid Snake's favored handgun of choice. It's the weapon he used in Shadow Moses during the first Metal Gear Solid game. It can be found on the helipad in a delivery truck behind some crates in the beginning of the game. The gun can be coupled with a suppressor found later in the story in the Tank Hangar on first floor.

    The Mk.23 SOCOM in Metal Gear Solid 4

    When Snake revisits Shadow Moses Isle in Act IV of Metal Gear Solid 4, he can find his old friend, the Mk.23 SOCOM under a truck at the helipad. Firing it a couple of times triggers some fond memories for Old Snake, and awards some Drebin points to boot!

    Details on the SOCOM in Metal Gear Solid 4:

    How to obtain: The SOCOM can be found under a truck north of the Helipad at the Heliport in Shadow Moses Isle during Act IV of Metal Gear Solid 4.


    Damage: D

    Shock: C

    Penetration: E

    Stability: B

    Reload: S

    Lock: A

    Special Note: The SOCOM comes equipped with a built-in flash light. Finding it and firing off a few rounds with it will cause a moment of nostalgia for Old Snake and reward him with some bonus Drebin points.

    Customization: The SOCOM can be equipped with a Suppressor.

    Metal Gear Online: The SOCOM cannot be used in MGO.

    Tip: If you want to use the SOCOM in MGS4, it's highly recommended that you turn off the flashlight before proceeding too far, or else you're very likely to be seen when you use it!


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