MLB Pennant Race

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    MLB Pennant Race was a baseball game for the original PlayStation released in 1996. It featured on-screen controls and stadiums considered very realistic for the time.

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    MLB Pennant Race is a baseball game developed by Sony Interactive Studios America (989 Studios) and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment America for the PlayStation.


    MLB Pennant Race featured several modes to play including Home Run Derby, Exhibition, Season Play, Playoffs, and a World Series mode.

    Players had the ability to trade and release players. They could also go on to sign various free agents to whatever team they chose. The "Create-A-Player" also made in an appearance as well.

    This was also one of the first baseball games to have full commentary by Jerry Coleman. Coleman was the radio broadcaster for the San Diego Padres from 1972 to his death in 2014. He also was a commentator for CBS Sports Radio at the time.

    Pennant Race was also one of the first baseball games to include every Major League Baseball stadium. Players also had the option to change the stadium they were playing in at any time during any game.


    The game featured 28 major league baseball teams and boasted over 700 real MLBPA players.

    The teams included the following...

    National League

    American League

    Extra Info/Misc.

    David Justice, who played for the Atlanta Braves at the time, was on the cover of MLB Pennant Race.

    The game also featured menus with full FMV's playing behind them. The videos were of various plays that took place prior to the season the game came out. One of these videos included Ken Griffey Jr. jumping into the wall, at the Kingdome, in Seattle to catch a ball. This would actually cause him to break his wrist.

    Stadium selection was also an innovative addition to the game. Users could pick to play their games in any stadium and could alter where the game was being played after every single pitch if they so chose.


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