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    MLB The Show 19

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Mar 26, 2019

    Sony's baseball sim returns for the 2019 MLB season.

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    MLB The Show 19 is Sony's annual baseball simulation game, licensed by Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players' Association. Gameplay is focused on realistic, simulation style baseball across multiple single- and multiplayer modes, including Franchise, Conquest, Home Run Derby, Practice, the RPG-inspired Road the the Show, and online Diamond Dynasty. New to 2019 are the modes Moments and March to October.

    Diamond Dynasty
    Diamond Dynasty mode is an online focused mode where players build a team out of collected baseball cards, and use those players to compete against other players online in ranked or casual matches, or against a CPU controlled team. Ranked seasons occur roughly every month, with players receiving rewards based on their performance. An in-game currency known as "stubs" can be earned and used to purchase packs of cards to improve a player's squad. Diamond Dynasty also features a sub-mode known as "Battle Royale," where players draft a team of 25 players and compete in 3 inning games against other players who have drafted a team. Each draft consists of a set number of players from specific ratings tiers: 3 Diamonds, 3 Golds, 7 Silver, 7 Bronze, and 5 Commons. Players play until they reach 12 wins or three losses, and receive tiered rewards based on their number of wins. Diamond Dynasty also features single player challenges known as Programs, which reward players who complete them with additional stubs, player cards, or cosmetics. XP earned from playing other modes in MLB The Show 2019 also earns rewards that can be used in Diamond Dynasty.

    Road the Show
    Road to the Show is a multi-year, role playing game inspired mode where players create one prospect, choose their position, and attempt to manage their professional baseball career. Created players have customizable faces, equipment styles, and batting stances/pitching mechanics. In MLB The Show 19, players have a positional archetype which controls what attributes increase more easily than others. New to The Show 19 are Personality Types which, influence interactions with teammates, fans, and management as well as what passive perks are available during the player's career. Positional players and pitchers go through an evaluation period consisting of completing drills, batting practice/bullpen sessions, and then participating in three games. Players may then begin their career by entering the draft to be chosen by any one of the 30 MLB franchises, going to college to increase their attributes, or by joining the MLB franchise of their choice. Players must then perform well in minor league games and drills to increase their attributes and earn a call-up to the major leagues, where they can pursue World Series titles, individual accolades, and an eventual Hall of Fame induction.

    March to October
    A play on the length of the baseball season, which begins in March and ends in October, "March to October" also refers to one team's path to the playoffs and World Series championship. Teams are divided into categories ranging from "Favorites" to "Long Shots," and players choose one team and simulate key moments from the regular season, both on the field as players and in the front office as the General Manager, in an attempt to guide the team to a World Series championship. Large portions of the 162 game season are simulated, with the player prompted to play specific moments, games, or series in order to set the tone for an upcoming stretch, break out of a slump, or make an impact trade at the deadline.


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