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    The Mmrnmhrm are an alien race from Star Control II. They synthesized with the Chenjesu to create the Chmmr race.

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    A race of sentient machines that numbered in the millions, the Mmrnmhrm race was created by the 'Mother-Ark', an enormous alien factory vessel of unknown origin.  It is speculated that the Mmrnmhrm were created for the purpose of colonizing planets for a faraway and technologically-advanced alien race.
    The Mmrnmhrm have their own language, which is mostly made up of consonants and a small number of vowels for names. They are also capable of understanding the importance of flexibility and adaptation when it came to survival, as proven by their X-Form starships which could transform into the quicker Y-Form, as well as their willingness to merge with the Chenjesu.

    When the Mother Ark shut down, the Mmrnmhrm could no longer reproduce and were in danger of extinction. Because of this, they decided to merge with the crystal-like Chenjesu, eventually forming a hybrid species known to all as the Chmmr. To make this merging possible, they requested the Ur-Quan to slave-shield both races on the Chenjesu Homeworld, Procyon II.


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