Mobil 1 British Rally Championship

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    Mobil 1 British Rally Championship was the third rally game developed by Magnetic Fields and was released in 1999 for PC and Playstation.

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    Mobil 1 British Rally Championship ("Rally Championship" in Europe) was a driving game released in 1999. It was the last game developed by Magnetic Fields.

    The game simulated the actual British rally championship, letting the player compete either in a simulation style "championship mode" that recreates the actual races, or arcade style time trials, single races and split screen multiplayer.

    It featured 36 tracks and 22 cars, and was known for the quality of it's graphics, the realism of the races and it's difficulty, as a single track could take over 20 minutes to complete.

    The game featured realistic car damage that, in simulation mode, had to be repaired in order to pass inspections between each race. Any damage that could not be fixed in time would carry over.

    Damage would affect the car's handling, engine, windows, body etc. Even tires could be punctured if worn out. Changing tires during a race would start a minigame where the player had to stop a needle at the right time to get the best possible tire change time.

    Two selectable co-drivers were available; Derek Ringer and Claire Mole. In addition to audible pace notes, arrows could be displayed on screen showing upcoming turns.

    The video replay function let the player edit and save entire races. Video could be trimmed, cut and pasted; camera angles could be changed and could even switch between player cars in a recorded split screen race.


    The game includes six rallies, each separated into six individual tracks.

    • Vauxhall Rally of Wales (gravel)
    • Pirelli International Rally (forest)
    • Scottish Rally (gravel)
    • SEAT Jim Clark Memorial Rally (tarmac)
    • Stena Line Ulster Rally (tarmac)
    • Sony Manx International Rally (tarmac)



    • Ford Puma
    • Nissan Micra Maxi


    • Skoda Felicia
    • Proton Compact
    • Honda Civic
    • Citroën Saxo
    • Peugeot 106 Maxi


    • Nissan Almera
    • Ford Escort
    • Skoda Octavia
    • Ford Escort Maxi
    • Vauxhall Astra
    • Hyondai Coupé Evo II
    • VW Golf
    • Renault Mégane
    • Seat Ibiza Cupra Sport


    • Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IV
    • Proton Wira/Persona
    • Seat Cordoba WRC
    • Mitsubishi Lancer Evo V
    • Subaru Impreza ERC
    • Peugeot 206 WRC

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