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Mobile Suit Gundam: Bonds of the Battlefield (known as Kidō Senshi Gundam: Senjō no Kizuna in Japan) is an arcade only Gundam game found only in east asian arcades. The most notable feature of MSG:BotB would be its P.O.D. (Panoramical Optical Display) shaped arcade cabinet in which the user must climb in and are provided a 180 wide angle view of the battlefield as well as "gundam-realistic" controls.

The P.O.D. (Panoramical Optical Display)

Inside the POD
Inside the POD

The P.O.D. not only features a 180 degree panoramical display but also features surround sound, an adjustable seat as well as headset
to aid in teamplay communications.

The mech controls not only hold two joysticks but pedals at the feet to control movement.

The P.O.D. also features a slot for money to initiate play as well as a slot for a pilot card for returnin player which holds mech customizations
and battle history.


Typical battles range over a variety of battlefields inspired from the Gundam universe. Players can choose to opt to play online with their friends in neighbouring P.O.D.s in the same arcade.

When a player reaches a certain rank they can participate in a wider range of battles with more players, the game is configured to match players of similar rank to create a fairer battle.

When battles are won, players can use the reward money to buy or upgrade new or existing mechs. This information is all stored on the players pilot card.

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