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Hi gaus .. how u doin .. hope u r good
anyway b4 sumdays i made a youtube channel like any another channel 4 share your videos and make top 5 killcams and a lot of deffrent and new ideas to change the channels 
 routine and yeah sure we'll make new competitions and events and toutorials and more and more .. but we have 2 get 1thing from you it's :
subscribe 4 our channel from this link :
and this our intro : <  Read Description  plz :)
Peace ~
Remmeber we can't do anything without your help so plz help us <3

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Welcome to the site sir. Make sure to check out the rules and enjoy your time here.

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Heya duder, welcome to Giant Bomb!

 Unfortunately we can't have everyone posting on the forums just to get youtube subscriptions. That's a little spammy. As a result, this is gun' get clocked! 
Did I say clocked? Fuck, I meant locked. This is going to get locked.

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