Level 70?? What?!

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Hell, they shouldn't ban you for a bug they created.

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@Ne0teric:  I see this was posted a few weeks ago. I'm curious, was there a negative outcome?
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MW2 has gone to shit with people hacking it and since Black Ops is out, no one really cares. I just avoid it now except for private matches.

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It's not a bug, you were on a server that was hacked to do that on purpose. Usually for whoever was hosting it, and their friends.

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It's crap like that that made me sell my copy.

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They'd care if it was in MW3 :|

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@GS_Dan said:

They'd care if it was in MW3 :|

And if it didn't happen over a year ago.

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Since Infinity Ward can no longer stop this hacking problem I really think they should just unlock everything for everyone. Yeah, some people spent ages getting their fall camo but it's an old game now and will ensure people are on equal footing.

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You probably joined an infected match. All CoD games before Black Ops are havens for hackers on all systems, even when just matchmaking, which can actually be kinda fun at times.

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