Modern Warfare 2 online achievements?

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First of all I loved Modern Warfare.  The only problem I have with it is that there are no online achievements.  I never got up to prestige 10 but I can't imagine getting there and achievement points for it.  It just seems wrong that a game geared toward online play, (although single-player is no slouch), has no online achievements.  Lets hope IW fixes this for Modern Warfare 2.

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Robert Bowling said that he hates online achievements as it just promotes assholes to boost for them and to ruin the spirit of the game. I kinda agree with him, I think that the 1000G should include no online achievements and that the map pack downlods should add the online achievements for the people who play the game a lot. 
However surely there's gotta be some achievements for the special ops mode or else whats the point really.

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#3 Posted by flaminghobo (4779 posts) -

They're called Challenges.

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I'm with IW on this one, online achievements ruin the experience for alot of people

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Agreed, online achievements are the work of the devil

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Yeah, online achievements can be sort of annoying.  Halo 3 has ssoooooo  many haha.

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#7 Posted by deactivated-5884be30433ec (1061 posts) -

Yep. They probably wont have any. For good reason too.  
For one thing it may encourage boosting type behaviour

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#8 Posted by OmegaPirate (5642 posts) -

Fuck online achievements

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#9 Posted by Atomic_Tangerine (360 posts) -

I would agree with him, but there already was boosting in COD4.  When I tried to play head to head, every other guy asked me if I wanted to boost.  I always said yes and went along with it until it was my turn to die, in which case I actually started playing.  Easy wins people, easy wins.
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Online achievements are a good way to measure yourself against other players and a 30gp achievement goes further than a 500xp challenge because a challenge your going to give away after you prestige. Also Call of Duty 4 was the easiest game to boost ever heard "Hey guys lets do headshots" or "I get 10 kills headshots you get 9 then next game I get 9  and you get 10" Halo 3 did a good job of locking achievments from boosters. online achievments aren't bad everyone just think that what every IW say's is the best thing ever. 
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#11 Posted by OwnlyUzinWonHan (1554 posts) -
@Belonpopo:  Online achievements become more and more difficult the longer the game is out, now it's nearly impossible to get some of Halo 3's. 

nrain had the best idea.
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Yeh i hate online Achievements; i got all of the original halo 3 achievements and then they brought out DLC's.....*Sigh*.....

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i hated that too, you spend days playing a game and you get like 200 points for it...most people play online and that should incorporate at least half of the points.  and the argument that it ruins the gameplay is fucking bullshit, cause half of the challenges in COD4 were exactly that.  WaW was fucking total bullshit tho, u needed to beat it on veteran to get any points what so ever.  

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Online achievements are bad, but the least they could do is put in some zero point achievements so it will still show what you have done in multiplayer, but those who aren't into multiplayer can still get 100%.

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There are certainly arguments for Online Achievements, but for the most part I agree that there shouldn't be any. They encourage boosting and if the game in particular has an unsuccessful or dead multiplayer (I am looking at YOU, Banjo Kazooie: N&B) then those are some points that are for sure never to be obtained without boosting.
However, Call of Duty in particular should try for more unique achievements than just beat the game on Veteran, because that is the least fun thing to do ever.

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#16 Posted by AaronAlex (192 posts) -

I think IW has it right by not adding in any online achievements.

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#17 Posted by Meteora (5844 posts) -

I don't like online achievements. I just want to kill shit.
Though the guys mentioning the challenges as boosting has a good argument.

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#18 Posted by lemon360 (1231 posts) -
@nrain said:

Robert Bowling said that he hates online achievements as it just promotes assholes to boost for them and to ruin the spirit of the game. I kinda agree with him, I think that the 1000G should include no online achievements and that the map pack downlods should add the online achievements for the people who play the game a lot. 
However surely there's gotta be some achievements for the special ops mode or else whats the point really.


Are you actually saying there is no point to Special Ops without achievements involved?! ACHIEVEMENT WHORE I SAY!!
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#19 Posted by GunstarRed (6044 posts) -

I absolutely LOVE the idea of zero online achievements, It just promotes shitty play. It's good to see Uncharted 2 has also taken this to heart and only has two online trophies (play  two different types of match)...  and there is a reward for Prestiging 10 times or playing special ops...  
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#20 Posted by produceman (103 posts) -

i dont want any online achievements because people start to only play for them and end up not helping their team and making the competition lousy but it does sound like they fixed your problem OP because you will gain rewards for getting prestiege mode
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#21 Posted by Druminator (1808 posts) -

Online achievements really do encourage stupid stuff some times. It would be cool to get at least one Prestige cheevo though.

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IW hasn't done any online achievements yet.  Doubt they'll start now. 
As for online point boosting, Red Faction Guerrilla made it ridiculous amounts of fun still, but other than that, most of it is boring and tedious.  Other than boosting, though, online achievements still suck anyways.

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#23 Posted by EVO (4029 posts) -

Anyone that plays LittleBigPlanet is familiar with "H4H" and how it has more or less ruined the game, all thanks to online trophies.

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#24 Posted by zudthespud (3332 posts) -

if you have online achievements people boost them. I remember gears of war 1, people would rush to whatever achievement they were trying to get, sacrificing a good strategy for it.

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#25 Posted by styles5145 (21 posts) -

But they could still be done the right way. For example every prestige you get 10pts.  Also kill count could be used (10,000 kills = 20 pts).  I understand certain achievements couldn't be done but at least throw a couple of em at us.

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#26 Posted by pause422 (6331 posts) -

You could still boost in that..its the best its just not in multiplayer at all. You can nitpick it all you want though and wish it was, its not going to change.

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#27 Posted by Metroid545 (1839 posts) -
@moztacular said:
" Agreed, online achievements are the work of the devil "
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I have to agree with the majority here. Online achievements are no good when mixed with multiplayer gaming. I have been guilty of spending numerous ranked halo 3 matches trying to get a splatter spree and others only for the team to loose for essentially being down a player. 
Even zero point achievements cause boosting. I am really happy that IW has thus far chosen to avoid including this game degrading feature. 

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#29 Posted by RsistncE (4498 posts) -

They said they're sticking to their no online achievements policy...and I'm happy to hear that. I just wanna play the game for the game itself...not some shitty gamerscore metagame haha.

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#30 Posted by SammydesinasNL (849 posts) -

So what if you don't get an achievement for Prestige? They say 'it's all about the Prestige' for a reason. Would you prefer 'it's all about the gamerscore?'] 
I think people are more 'impressed' enough by seeing someone on CoD with 10th prestige, you don't need another achievement on your gamercard to prove it.
Don't mind online achievements though, it's just that I like how in CoD you get some gamerscore for completing the levels, some for veteran and some random things. Seems like a perfect balance to me. Boosting sucks anyway.

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#31 Posted by belaraphon (445 posts) -

if there were online achievements, then maybe something like "complete you first online game". it might be a neat way to break people into the multilayer under the disguise of getting achievement points. but players without a gold membership would probably not like it too much.

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#32 Posted by fillmoejoe (1584 posts) -

The in-game challenges are enough for me, I don't want online boosting in Modern Warfare 2.

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#33 Posted by Otacon (2282 posts) -

I have to agree that online achievements can be detrimental, I liked the fact that achievement hunting is solely campaign focused in COD4 and think it would be coo if it stayed that way for MW2

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#34 Posted by MasturbatingBear (1804 posts) -

id rather not have online achievements.

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#35 Posted by DuhQbnSiLo (2241 posts) -

i hate people like you that play for achievements, im glad it doesn't have them.

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#36 Posted by breadfan (6803 posts) -

I hate online achievements, besides the current Call of Duty challenge system serves as an achievement system 

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#37 Posted by Red (6146 posts) -

Totally agree with IW on this. 

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#38 Posted by Chokobo (1251 posts) -

The only online achievements there should be are ones given for achieving a certain rank.  Anything else is too easily boostable or only obtainable by boosting in some cases.

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#39 Posted by bwooduhs (1682 posts) -

Im glad there are no online achievements.

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