So I just got MW2 in for the PC...

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 Now I keep on getting this error. It is an engine error, my PC keeps on seeing this engine dynamic link library as a incomplete file. Now I have to download the game trough Steam. 13 gigs, trough steam. I hate my life right now.  
Not searching for error fixes, I just want to start a Modern Warfare 2 newbie tread. Tell me what I should know while the download time slowly ticks by. 
Give me some hints, multiplayer and singeplayer.

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#2 Posted by nanikore (2755 posts) -

Never aim down your sights. 

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#3 Posted by FirePrince (1793 posts) -

Throw grenades at random,gets you kills and pisses people off.

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It seemed to work very well in COD4, do people move faster then in COD4

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You could have probably just Verified the cache integrity to fix that error. Then it would have just needed to download any broken parts of the file & not the whole game.
Anyways, weirdly enough, I just bought MW2 for PC a few days ago. I don't really have any tips though, I'm still learning the tricks myself.

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Don't bother putting red dot sight on most guns, iron sights is enough.

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just watch ALL the killcams. You will find all the good hiding spots, and just follow your team.

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Fiddle around with all of the attachments and perks. Once you get to know each one you'll have leveled up considerably and you'll be able to narrow down the list.
Note these perks and attachments are USELESS imo:
Scrambler: Jams the enemy's radar if you get close, so they'll be on edge once they see their uav get fuzzy. The easiest kills in this game are ones where the enemy isn't ready to fight back so don't bother with this one.
Underbelly Shotgun: Has quite a bit of range, but you'd be better off shooting them with any other weapon. The damage on this attachment is rather abysmal unless you're almost point blank. By then you might as well knife, or if you're the kind of guy who likes getting that close you should pack a real shotty like the Spas 12 or Striker.

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Nice avatar bro, now would you kindly change or fuck off back to gamespot please?

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@nail1080 said:

" Nice avatar bro, now would you kindly change or fuck off back to gamespot please? "

 Get the rope.
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well don't be disappointed with the multiplayer. just to tell u there are no dedicated servers for it or consoles commands. there is someone who hacked into the game. somewhere u can download the console. 
to gain quick XP, do all of the attachment goals. it will help get xp quickly because a lot of them are like get 25 kills looking through the red dot site, get 25 kills with this gun. do not noobtube to offended if u don't want to piss people off.

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