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MW2? nah get uncharted 2 ;)

 I would have to say that this disappointed me even though I'm giving it a high score. My main disappointment was with the lack of a strong campaign with it throwing big events at you in a unrealistic way which departs from the semi-realistic story from the last game and goes for the action movie feel. The story itself is good but at around 5 hours on a average play through you can see that this game isn't for those after a strong, long and I guess good story. The multi-player is what 95% of people will be buying this game for and i have to say this disappointed me as well. With minor changes to the overall experience this is a game that will have big fans screaming at the screen with joy at the fact they can shoot down UAV's and it will have the players that only played cod4 a bit (those that had lives) saying "This is Cod4 with new maps". This will especially be happening when most people see the graphics they are good but that’s it. With slight improvements to the graphics. Uncharted 2 this is not I'm afraid. I cant help but think they spent all their time on multi-player alone.
And that’s all I can use to explain this hype failing sequel "IT'S COD4 WITH NEW MAPS!!!!!" whether that’s a good thing or not is up to you but for most players of other games that aren't FPS's they will see that overall this is a good game but that’s it.
For someone who is looking for great, addictive multi-player game with a strong enjoyable story with characters that you will love and a script that's as believable as it gets in video games at the moment I'm  sorry to report that this isn't the game for you. Uncharted 2 is, but those who loved the first game and want more FPS's multi-player action like Cod4 & Cod5, get this game. Thanks for reading ;)

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