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Top notch shooter and new benchmark for what sequels should be.

Giant Bomb user review #36 for Modern Warfare 2.   I'm sure i don't have to explain much what this game is about by now and chances are if you're reading this you already know the bullet points so i'll just share my impressions of the game and maybe quote some other opinions that i feel are accurate.   
The singleplayer story, "For the Record"  is a summer popcorn movie that is entertaining from start to finish.  The only time i found myself disinterested was when i was actually  too physically exhausted to play the game any longer.  Probably the best quote i can use to describe the campaign is from Shawn Andrich at GamerswithJobs.com where he said "It's like your hyperactive 5 year-old brother trying to explain a Tom Clancy novel to you".  For me Spec-ops was an unexpected surprise.  I thought it would be a tacked on set of mini-games but i've found myself very infatuated with playing and replaying them.
Then there's the main reason most of us bought or are considering buying this game, the multiplayer.   There's no other way to say it.  If you like Call of Duty 4 or Call of Duty: World at War's multiiplayer suites, you will love this.  Having played over 300 hours of Call of Duty 4's multiplayer by the time this game came out, I can honestly say there is tons here to keep you busy.  There are oodles of weapons, perks, and challenges and what's more even amazing is that even with all these variables in the multiplayer,  the game feels completely balanced.   
Finally, I have to give one big shout out to Infinity Ward.  These guys know what they're doing to the fullest.  This is by no means a perfect game but it's pretty freakin' close.  While it's a perfect example of an expertly crafted shooter game, it's not for everyone.  Novices will likely get their teeth kicked in until they familiarize themselves with the game mechanics but once they've figued it out the game feels much more natural and becomes extremely rewarding. 

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