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"PCs are good at Spreadsheets" -Infinity Ward

 Acronyms FTW. This is the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Single Player Personal Computer Ver. Review, in keeping with nomenclature of Infinity Ward. Before we get started, let’s address the issue: This game has sold millions and millions of copies, is it the best game in the world? Nope. Infinity Ward does a great job of creating a sequel to Call of Duty 4, but don’t expect this game to be a whole new next generation w/ Capt. Picard experience. It does some great things, the storytelling and over the top Jerry Bruckheimerness of the Single Player campaign was fun, almost every mission had you on the edge of your seat and right on the edge of epileptic seizures. 
The story itself was pretty great, and even though all the pussy cry babies complain about the “disturbing” images of airports etc., the game delivers.

The graphics are pretty good, the sound is good (although Bad Company 2 videos sound better). And now on to the fact that Infinity Ward has completely disavowed the existence of PC gaming: No dedicated multiplayer servers, no idea why, don’t care; many people have opted out of buying the PC version because of this, or buying the game at all. But  regardless of the abandonment of PC gaming from one of the most popular game development houses worldwide, the game is still fun on many levels and definitely delivers on your hard earned recession era space-bucks. 
However it is not worth the 95%s etc. that all the “other” gaming sites are giving while their articles are covered with COD4MW2 advertisements. Does nobody else find it irritating that you’re reading a review of a game while dodging pop-up advertisements of that game??? However, buying this on a console with like 360/PS3 will provide you with tons of replay; but this is a review for the PC version, particularly the single player.

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