Moebius: Empire Rising

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    A kickstarter-funded game from adventure game luminaries Jane Jensen and Robert Holmes.

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    Moebius is a traditional third-person point and click adventure game from Gabriel Knight creator Jane Jensen.


    The game focuses on protagonist Malachi Rector, an antiquities dealer who travels the world hunting for unique artifacts. After his Manhattan store mysteriously burns down, Rector is hired by billionaire Amble Dexter to investigate a series of events.

    Difficulty Settings

    The game offers two difficulty settings:

    • Casual Mode offers hints, hotspot finder and a easier to use interface.
    • True Adventure brings back the classic Sierra adventure game feel where hotspots are not marked and no hints are offered.

    Kickstarter Milestones

    Moebius became fully funded at around 7am EST on May 6, 2012, twelve full days before the end of the Pinkerton Road Studio Kickstarter. The contribution of an anonymous donor for $10,000 USD put the project over the top. Jane Jensen commented about an hour later, "I just woke up and had several 'Congrats' on skype. I'm like, what? A big thank you to the 10K backer. Hugely appreciated! And also to everyone who has been commenting and doubling and bannering and spreading the word."

    Unlike notable preceding gaming Kickstarters, additional funds beyond this point will not be put toward increasing the scope of the title, but will instead will be funneled into an as-of-yet unnamed second project.


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