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She is first seen in Yafutoma (well, that goes without saying) beside her father when they greet the foreigners (Vyse, Aika, Fina, and Enrique) Vyse asks her father about the Blue Moon Crystal, which to the Yafutomans, is the MagaSphere and a symbol of power. It is currently locked away in Mt. Kazai.

After Vyse and company obtain the Blue Moon Crystal, they are thrown a feast and invited to stay the night at Yafutoma. Moegi shows them to the place where they will stay, and they run into Muraji who openly mocks the westerners. He then laughs at Moegi for having an exiled brother and knows that Moegi will have to marry him because Yafutoma is expected to have a king when her father dies. And her exiled brother is no longer a candidate. Moegi says that she will never marry him, and that her brother is not a traitor. Enrique steps in to defend Moegi, and Muraji runs off. Moegi thanks him for going to the trouble, and he says that where he comes from, there are rules on how to treat a lady. Aika then gives a knowing look to Vyse and smiles at how Enrique had just fallen in love.

Later, Yafutoma is attacked by the Valuan admirals, Belleza and Vigoro, because Muraji and his father, Kangan, have turned traitor. Belleza and Vigoro search for Vyse and Enrique, so Moegi helps Vyse and company escape Yafutoma to ask her brother for help. When they reach the island, Moegi tells Daigo everything. He is enraged at this and prepares his fleet to take back his country. Along the way, he tells Moegi that he approves of Enrique as her potential husband which leads to a blushing Valuan prince and Yafutoman princess.

After Vyse and company help Daigo fight off the Valuan fleet and save Yafutoma, Daigo is welcomed back as the prince of Yafutoma, and Moegi requests joining Vyse in his journey. Her father is surprised, but complies with her request after some convincing from Daigo. He and Daigo then turn to Enrique and ask him to take care of Moegi. This prompts laughter from Aika, a blushing Valuan prince who tells her to stop, and a blushing Yafutoman princess.

Combat and Recruitment

Moegi is not a playable character, but she may serve a purpose in air ship combat and in the Blue Rogues Special S-move.

Moegi is automatically recruited during the storyline when the player clears Yafutoma. She will join Pinta as a delegate.

In air ship combat, if Moegi is in your active crew, then you can select her in Crew Command to protect the ship from magical attacks for one turn. It costs ten SP to use.

In the Blue Rogues Special S-move, she says "Bless us all!" A cloud of bubbles will then appear and surround her. Then she will be bathed in light. Considering how similar her animation is to Fina's healing S-moves, it is clear that Moegi's role in Crew Command is that of a healers.

Trivial Information

Despite her appearance, she is actually twenty years old. Her hobby is dancing, and her eyes are always closed for some reason even though her brother and father do not share that trait.

In Crescent Isle Base, she can be seen standing with Enrique near the living quarters looking at the pond. Well, it looks more like they're looking at the relief sculpted over the pond if there is one or at the animals if the player asked Pinta to get some. When Enrique is gone later in the game, Moegi will still be there, but she will be noticeably gloomier without him.

At the game, because most characters hinted at it as well as some of the events in the game, Moegi will get married to Enrique and rule New Valua with him. Daigo will also give them his blessings, and as usual, the two will blush brightly even on their wedding day.


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