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    Mog is the most well known of all moogles, and was a key part of fighting Kefka in Final Fantasy VI.

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    Mog is a moogle that appears in the game Final Fantasy VI, living with the rest of his kind deep inside of the caves of Narshe. Unlike other moogles, Mog has the ability to communicate with humans using their language. He learned the human language from the Ramuh, the esper, in his dreams.

    The player first encounters Mog early on, in the caves of Narshe, while Locke attempts to escape the city with Terra. He is a member of one of the player's three parties in the game's first multi-party battle, with the majority of the other party members being moogles that are only playable in this section of the game.

    Mog does not appear again in the game until much later, after Kefka destroys the world. If the player takes the proper course of action, they can find Mog, who will join their party. Mog is also key to recruiting the sasquatch Umaro.

    Special Abilities

    Mog's unique battle ability is "Dance". He learns new dances by fighting in different environments, such as caves, towns, forests, and deserts. Each dance has its own special properties.


    Mog is the first in a series of moogles that share this name. A different Mog appears in the Final Fantasy Fables series, and yet another Mog is a prominent secondary character in the Final Fantasy XIII series. Other than all being moogles named Mog, there is no connection between these characters.


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