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    Mokujin is a character in the popular 3D fighting game series Tekken. He was introduced in Tekken 3 and has since appeared in Tekken Tag Tournament, Tekken 5, Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection and Tekken 6.

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    Mokujin is a training dummy made from a 2000 year Oak Tree. In Tekken 3, Tekken 5 and Tekken 6 he/she is awoken by a powerful evil force, and springs into action in order to save the world. Forces that have activated Mokujin include:

    • Ogre/True Ogre (Tekken 3)
    • Jinpachi Mishima (Tekken 5)
    • Azazel (Tekken 6)

    Mokujin is a unique character in the Tekken universe as he\she does not have his\her own moveset. If a player chooses Mokujin, a random character's moveset will be selected each round for the player to use. If you take a look at his\her Command list it says : Mokujin-Ken.


    • Mokujin's name is written in kanji as 木人, and literally means "person of wood", or simply "wooden person".
    • Mokujin's fighting style is actually called 木人拳 (Mokujin-ken, Wooden person fist).
    • Mokujin is the only character in Tekken 3 who does not face Heihachi Mishima at the end of Stage 4 (Mishima Fortress) in the Tekken Force side game. Instead, Mokujin will face Mokujin at the end of this stage.
    • Mokujin's bosses in the Tekken Force side game in Tekken 3 are all Mokujin.
    • Mokujin's sub-boss in Tekken 5 is Roger Jr..
    • Based on the interlude with Roger Jr., we can say that he has children.
    • In Tekken 3, Mokujin is available after beating the game four times.
    • If you select Mokujin and press and hold 'down' on the d-pad while the game is loading, the traditional sound, heard when getting hit, is switched with the sound of striking a block of wood. This applies for all games, though in Tekken 3, it sounds more like the "clicks" of wooden chimes.
    • Selecting Mokujin with with the kick buttons means playing as the female version of Mokujin.
    • Mokujin (alongside Jin Kazama in his non-devil form) was the only character in Tekken 5 not shown in the console opening.
    • Mokujin gets awoken by evil forces.
    • Mokujin only makes the sounds of wood knocking in its interludes, which is its form of communication.
    • In Tekken 6, whenever Mokujin is mimicking Yoshimitsu, along with adapting his sword, he will also adapt a scabbard, due to Yoshimitsu's new ability to sheathe his sword. In Tekken 5, he also adapts a tail when fighting as Roger Jr. (though in Tekken Tag Tournament, Mokujin lacks a tail, but can still use Roger's moves utilizing one.) In addition, in Tekken Tag Tournament, when using the moves of Kunimitsu, he will adapt her dagger. These rules also apply to Tetsujin, Unknown, and Combot.
    • Both of Mokujin's item moves, Butterflies and Exhaust Pipes, are activated during rage mode.
    • Mokujin makes a cameo appearence in the game Point Blank 3.
    • When mimicking characters from the Mishima bloodline, instead of that lightning effect on impact he will show green leaves near his hands on impact.
    • In practice mode, there's a white dummy used to show combos, who looks like Mokujin.
    • In the multi-company crossover game Cross Edge, Mokujin appears as a training dummy named Woodman

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