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    Molluck the Glukkon

    Character » appears in 7 games

    Single-minded and profit-hungry, Molluck is the Boss of Bosses at RuptureFarms, Oddworld's premiere meat-processing facility.

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    Molluck the Glukkon was the head of the board of directors at RuptureFarms and undisputed leader of the Magog Cartel. Highly intelligent and completely obsessed with financial success, Molluck was loyal to his capitalistic ideals in every way. Considered attractive by Glukkon standards, he adorned himself in expensive silk business suits befitting a Glukkon of his elite station; he also had the awful cigar-breath to match.

    Following the extinction of Meeches, a staple meat-producing livestock animal harvested at RuptureFarms, the board of directors implored Molluck to remedy the company's worsening financial situation by any means necessary. Molluck's response was to introduce Mudokon Pops: a new product made from the meat of his own employees.

    Molluck was forced into early retirement after RuptureFarms 1029 was destroyed due to the heroic actions of the Mudokon savior known as Abe; his current whereabouts are unknown.


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