Lurkers, Griefers And Ponies: Monaco's Experimental Fling With Crowd Sourcing

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#51 Posted by deactivated-57d3a53d23027 (1460 posts) -

Sounds like we have got some pony boys.

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#52 Posted by Rox360 (1262 posts) -
@BisonHero said:

@Ronald said:

There is a strange anti-pony contingent on the Internet. They scare me.

The pro-pony contingent is far scarier.

Everyone that's pro or anti anything on the Internet is freaking terrifying. I'm pro pony, but I obviously don't bring it up unless something prompts me to. Because I'm pro a lot of things that I don't go around talking about. The thing prompting me would probably be someone being all anti pony, so it's not unprovoked. But I know that they, in turn, are only being anti pony because they've been pestered by pony proponents, themselves, to the point of being fed up with it. And why are those pro pony people so prominent? Probably because they've been bullied by anti pony folks to the point where they can no longer sit idle.
I dunno what the big deal is. It's like, people have been raving about how good Gears 3 is all over the damn Internet lately. Am I kinda sick of hearing about it? Sure, because it means I can never have actual conversations that aren't about Gears. But it's a good game, it's my fault for not being into that kind of game and getting invested, myself. 'Course, some people are all anti-Gears... and those people spawn pro-Gears responses in return, and so it goes...
Oh, er, good article! I'm keeping an eye on that game!
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#53 Posted by AndySchatz (4 posts) -

I honestly feel like the internet is punking me. Am I really to believe that people feel passionately pro and con about the very concept of captioned images of cartoon ponies?

The internet is definitely punking me.

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#54 Posted by vinsanityv22 (1066 posts) -

That's not cool that the collaborators won't get credit. Even though - from skimming the feature - I'm pretty sure they're not doing a fantastic amount of work on the game.

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#55 Posted by AndySchatz (4 posts) -

@vinsanityv22: Dunno if you caught my comment above:

"I had an absolutely blast working on this with the collaborators... thanks to those of you in the comments that contributed. I probably misspoke a bit wrt to crediting people that helped. I'd be happy to credit people that helped, I just tend to be opposed to changed things in the design/story for people that pay money, and many projects do on Kickstarter. I probably wont put much effort into tracking down the individual contributors in order to credit them, as there were a TON of people who contributed a lot to it, and I think most of us were just doing it for fun!"

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#56 Edited by Undeadpool (5905 posts) -

@Ronald: @MattyFTM: It's mostly due to the weirdly obsessive fanbase for the new My Little Pony, as I understand it. So of course when someone gets overly passionate in one direction about something, a subset of the internet has to respond by getting overly passionate in the OTHER direction about it.

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#57 Posted by dvorak (1516 posts) -

@Nomin said:

Patrick, next time just post the Skype video instead.

Wow, good idea.

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#58 Posted by blacklab (1977 posts) -

What exactly is a pony? We talking horses here?

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#59 Posted by Dancingmonkeys (4 posts) -

@Beforet: I agree. Reading the document these guys produced good stuff. I would hate to see them not be credited for it. "Thanks to everyone who helps with the jokes" might even work.

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#60 Posted by Vulpor (7 posts) -

It looks awesome!

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#61 Posted by audioBusting (2520 posts) -

So, is this not in the final release of the game?

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#62 Posted by Monkeyman04 (2486 posts) -

@audiobusting: I'm guessing you didn't see that this article was written in 2011.

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#63 Edited by audioBusting (2520 posts) -

@monkeyman04: That was kinda my point.. I guess they scrapped the whole thing sometime between 2011 and now (I couldn't find anything about this from Googling around).

edit: I'm talking about the crowd-sourced hacking text, by the way. Sorry, I wasn't clear on that.

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#64 Posted by Monkeyman04 (2486 posts) -

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