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While appearing to b a fairly normal monastery at ground level, it's lower areas are filled with secrets.  
It is said that the one who can complete the Quests of Enroth will find whatever answer they seek.
The lower areas of the Monastery of Enroth are divided into three primary areas. A central area, and two other areas. One area is called "The Pillars of Truth" the other "The Guardians of Knowledge". Here, the mysterious Gems of Enroth lie hidden, and under fierce guard. 
The Guardians of Knowledge is home mostly to gargoyles, though a few golems are roaming around here. This area holds a healing pool, and the Green Gem of Enroth. 
The Pillars of Truth is full of golems, with the occasional gargoyle, as well as a large puzzle involving pillars, for which the area is named. It is here that Alleron obtains the Red Gem of Enroth. 
Upon acquiring both gems, Alleron begins to uncover a secret about his past. 
After defeating the dragon Talinthraxus, Alleron finds that the monastery has been overrun by the undead, and that Daria is to blame.

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