Just had a super weird bug...

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So I was playing on the ammo mule arena as an assassin and an enemy assassin came into the base trying to attack our missile turrets (god knows why) so I stabbed her right in the neck and killed her. Instead of respawning, however, she stayed exactly where she was, unable to move and with zero health. She could still shoot in one direction, which just happened to be directly at one of our turret nubs, and no one could hurt her so this poor guy was stuck for the entire map just shooting this one turret and occasionally killing anyone that got in the way. It was super weird. 
Has anyone else has some weird one time bugs?

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I got one where, after I was put on fire as an Assassin, the status effect stayed showing even after I stopped losing health. I jumped off the ledge (if they can see that my cloak is rendered useless and therefore kills the point of the Assassin) and I switched to Assault. The status was STILL there -.-. This went on for the whole game.

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