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I'm so sorry for linking to Kotaku, but that's where I first saw this.
Since you won't read it, here's the important parts: 
-PC only
-Free to play  (you can buy character taunts, skins, weapon effects, endorsements)
-Five-on-five instead of six-on-six
-All new arenas
-New bots- Fujibot and Shady
-There will be three new characters at launch, with more added over time.   (original cast is still there)
1. Combatgirl, a playable version of the first game's Pitgirl (a clone, according to the new game's story), who fills a support role and has her own turrets.

2. The Veteran, is a former champion wrestler whose abilities are based on a grappling. He's even got a grappling hook to pull his foes toward him.

3. The Gunslinger, is a new sniper who isn't as powerful as the original MNC sniper—who returns in the new game. Her advantage is that she can shoot quickly. She wields two pistols, a love gun and a hate gun, which are tied to special abilities that kneecap people to slow them down, shoot waves of bullets and more.

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I do like that companies are finally jumping on F2P and actually making them decent games. Now instead of constantly jumping from game to game for an impulsive feeling, I can just try a F2P game to satisfy myself.

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@PerfidiousSinn said:

-PC only

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU- I really need to buy myself a laptop capable enough to run these kind of games.

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"Posted 0 minutes ago"
Funny how I literally just read about it on Rock Paper Shotgun, and came here to see if anyone's discussing it already. Never played the first one, but I've heard a lot of praise and will definitely check this out. When it's out.
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i posted this on general discussion like an hour ago haha

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Might actually give this a blast when it hits. MNC looked like great fun, but I've never touched it.

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As funny as attaching "Super" or "Ms" to a game title is in this day and age, I really wish they decided to call this Tuesday Night Combat.
That said, Free to play sounds rad to me.  Even if I got the first game for a couple hundred pennies on Steam.

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crap i really want this on XBLA, i would buy maps, expansion or even put down 1200 points for it right now

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I just bought Monday Night Combat like two months ago! 
  A Love and Hate Gun?! 
 Yeah I can see how F2P would work without it being too unbalanced. I hope they do something to give the game more variety. I kind of got kind of bored Deathmatch and Survival after awhile. This franchise seems like it could be one of those that invents some crazy game modes. 

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Fun fact about MNC is that one of the animators is the (internet) famous street runner/performer "AZO" and you can see him prominently featured if you watch the credits video in Monday Night Combat. He even has some videos on his channels where he recreates some of the assassination moves from MNC.

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This is fucking insane.

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I bought the PC version when it was still in beta, turns out the whole game was a beta test for this release. The improvements do sound great though, this is essentially the patch the game direly needed with the added bonus of a (hopefully) healthy playerbase.

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Saw this on Google+ earlier. Sounds awesome. I liked the original on Xbox. I own the original for Steam, but have never tried it.

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Zojirushibot as presented by Zojirushi!

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My body and soul are ready.

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Is this going to be like the TF2's F2P update or will they be two separate games?

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@SoldierG654342 said:
Is this going to be like the TF2's F2P update or will they be two separate games?
I can't say for certain, but it looks and sounds like an entirely separate game.
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Hmmm pretty cool! I never got the original MNC because of how similar it is to TF2, and I more invested in TF2. I did enjoy the game when they did a free weekend on steam, so I think ill give this a shot.

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Looks alright.

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@PerfidiousSinn: Great, I buy the game twice and then they come out with a free version with more content. I really hope the end up adding the new classes to the payed version or giving the people who bought it some sort of perks. 
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One on the devs on the MNC forums has said that players who bought the original will have access to some exclusive items.
"Original" being "the PC port", that is.

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