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    A lightweight all-terrain vehicle from the Halo series. It is typically used purely for transport with no offensive capability.

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    The Moongoose carries a superior speed and acceleration to many other Halo vehicles, is typically easy to obtain, and is capable of carrying both a driver and a passenger. For these reasons it is often used by players to quickly reach key areas of the map or to gain an advantage in objective gametypes. A common strategy is for the passenger of the vehicle to carry an object relevant to the gametype such as a flag or bomb while the driver drives them to the goal, making the escort of the item quick and potentially making the carrier a difficult target for opponents.

    Tactical disadvantages of the vehicle include that it leaves both the driver and passenger highly open to enemy fire and that most Mongooses have no kind of weapon, meaning it is often difficult or impossible for those using a Mongoose to defend themselves. Halo 5: Guardians does however include a version of the Mongoose equipped with Rocket Launchers.

    Production information

    Manufacturer AMG: Transport Dynamics

    Product line: Warthog

    Model Mongoose: M274 Ultra-Light All-Terrain Vehicle

    Class: Ultra-Light All-Terrain Vehicle High Speed Reconnaissance and Recovery Vehicle


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