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Skills in Diablo III


Blinding Flash: A blinding flash that blinds all nearby enemies. Enemies hit by blinding flash have a 30% chance to miss and won't attack the monk unless attacked first.

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  • Self Reflection (level 12): Enemies are blinded longer for 4 seconds.
  • Blinded and Confused (level 19): Once blinded, enemies have a higher chance of attacking own allies.
  • Blinding Echo (level 28): After using the Blinding Flash for a few seconds, another flash of light will blind enemies within the player's surrounding area.
  • Searing Light (level 41): The chance for elite enemies to miss attacks is increased.
  • Faith in the Light (level 55): Upon activation, attacks are imbued with an extra Holy damage, which lasts for a few seconds.

Breath of Heaven: A spell that heals the monk and allies.

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  • Circle of Soom (level 14): Attacks enemies for Holy damage.
  • Circle of Life: (level 21): Gain additional health upon using the skill.
  • Blazing Wrath (level 32): Increases damage of attacks.
  • Infused with Light (level 44): Gain additional spirit from primary attacks after using skill.
  • Penitent Flame (level 59): Once enemies are exposed to this skill, enemies run away.

Crippling Wave: A combo skill that attacks enemies in an arc in front of the monk for the first two attacks and on the third does aoe damage to everyone around the monk.

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  • Mangle (level 17): Increases weapon damage
  • Concussion (level 26): Enemies that come in contact with this attack inflict less damage.
  • Rising Tide (level 36): Critical hits produce additional spirit.
  • Tsunami (level 51): The range on the third strike is increased and speed reduction is increased upon enemies.
  • Breaking Wave (level 57): After enemies have been attacked, they also take additional damage.

Cyclone Strike: The Monk pulls enemies close then unleashes a holy explosion.

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  • Eye of the Storm (level 21): Reduces cost of skill.
  • Implosion (level 25): Increases the distance of pulling enemies towards the player.
  • Sunburst (level 34): Changes from holy explosion to fire with a chance to cast fear.
  • Wall of Wind: After using skill, increases chance of dodging attacks.
  • Soothing Breeze (level 55): Heals allies within surrounding area of player.

Dashing Strike: A spirit spender that quickly dashes to a target, useful for closing the distance or to create distance if used on a location rather then a enemy.

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  • Way of the Falling Star (level 15): After attacking enemy with skill, speed is increased.
  • Flying Side Kick (level 23): Performs a flying kick to stun enemies.
  • Quicksilver (level 32): Reduces cost of skill.
  • Soaring Skull (level 39): After dashing through the opponents, it slow all enemies.
  • Blinding Speed (level 49): Increases chance to dodge attacks.

Deadly Reach: A combo skill that gives a melee attack some range. Third strike goes the farthest.

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  • Piercing Target (level 9): Further Increases distance of second and third strikes.
  • Keen Eye (level 18): The third strike adds armor.
  • Scattered Blows (level 34): The third strike is changed to attacking surrounding enemies.
  • Strike from Beyond (level 47): Critical hits add more spirit.
  • The third strike increases damage of all attacks.

Exploding Palm: Cause a target to bleed, if the target dies while bleeding it explodes and deals damage to nearby enemies.

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  • The Flesh is Weak (level 18): After impact, enemies take more damage.
  • Strong Spirit (level 25): After target explodes during bleeding, extra spirit is gained.
  • Creeping Demise (level 36): Reduces enemy's movement speed.
  • Impending Doom (level 44): Increases bleeding time and deals extra physical damage.
  • Essence Burn (level 51): Target will burn and explode for damage and affect other surrounding enemies.

Fists of Thunder: A combo skill that unleashes a series of increasingly powerful lighting based attacks.

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  • Thunderclap (level 6): Teleports to the enemy and delivers lightning damage.
  • Lightning Flash (level 14): Increases chance to dodge.
  • Static Charge (level 30): Enemy will be shocked and take further lightning damage.
  • Quickening (level 42): Additional spirit is gained after critical hits.
  • Bounding Light. (Level 52): Third punch casts chain lightning instead of knockback and additional lightning damage.

Inner Sanctuary: A protection circle that stops all enemies from getting into melee with the Monk.

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  • Safe Haven (level 26): Regeneration is cast upon entering the area.
  • Sanctified Ground (level 31): Once skill times out, the area of the ground slows movement of the enemies.
  • Consecration (level 37): Increases duration of skill.
  • Circle of Protection (level 43): All allies within area take less damage.
  • Forbidden Palace (level 58): All allies within area can deal extra damage.

Lashing Tail Kick: A kick that knocks back enemies.

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  • Vulture Claw Kick (level 7): Adds fire damage and knockback.
  • Sweeping Armada (level 15): Knockback distance is increasedand slows enemies movements.
  • Spinning Flame Kick (level 28): Throws a fire column that deals fire damage.
  • Scorpion Sting (level 38): Has a chance to stun enemies instead of knockback.
  • Hand of Ytar (level 52): Can attack a long range and can slow down enemy's movement speed.

Mantra of Conviction: Nearby enemies receive additional damage.

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  • Overawe (level 35): Strength increase and enemies take additional damage.
  • Intimidation (level 44): Enemies affected deal less damage.
  • Dishearten (level 47): Slows enemy's movement within range for mantra.
  • Reclamation (level 55): Chance to gain life on hit only on melee attacks.
  • Submission (level 60): Enemies within the mantra take holy damage.

Mantra of Evasion: Increases the dodge rate of the Monk and all allies nearby.

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  • Hard Target (level 24): Increases armor.
  • Divine Protection (level 33): When player/ally's life drops very low. a shield is formed reducing damage. Takes time to re-use ability.
  • Wind through the Reeds (level 40): Increases movement speed.
  • Perseverance (level 50): Reduces the time of negative status ailments.
  • Backlash (level 58): Once attacked is dodged, the skill creates a burst of flames that deals fire damage.

Mantra of Healing: The Monk and all nearby allies gain increased life regeneration.

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  • Sustenance (level 31): Increases life generation further.
  • Circular Breathing (level 38): Spirit get regenerated as well.
  • Boon is Inspiration (level 42): Adds life on hit.
  • Heavenly Body (level 48): Increases overall vitality.
  • Time of Need (level 53): Increases resistances.

Mantra of Retribution: Causes the monk and nearby allies to return a portion of the melee damage they receive back as holy damage.

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  • Retaliation (level 28): Increases amount reflected as well as ranged damage.
  • Transgression (level 36): Increases attack speed.
  • Indignation (level 41): Upon receiving damage, enemies has a chance to be stunned.
  • Against All Odds (level 56): Upon reflecting damage, it also adds additional spirit.
  • Collateral Damage (level 59): Once enemy attacks play with skill, they have a chance of a feedback blast, dealing holy damage to enemy and surrounding enemies too.

Mystic Ally: Summons a mystic ally that fights alongside you.

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  • Water Ally (level 27): Summons a water ally who deals with physical damage, has a wave attack and can slow enemy's movement.
  • Fire Ally (level 31): Summons a fire ally who can perform a flame kick which adds additional fire damage.
  • Air Ally (level 39): Summons an air ally who has a chance to regenerate spirit and is surrounded by a whirlwind that deals physical damage.
  • Eternal Ally (level 46): Summons an eternal ally who can be automatically revived and increased physical damage per attack.
  • Earth Ally (level 53): Summons an earth ally who increases the maximum health of the player and can send waves of earth which forces the enemy to attack the ally for a small amount of time.

Serenity: A shield that protects the Monk from attacks.

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  • Peaceful Repose (level 23): Heals the player.
  • Reap What Is Sown (level 29): when skill ends, shield explodes into holy damage within range.
  • Tranquillity (level 39): Extends the shield and adds immunity to status ailments.
  • Ascension (level 47): Increases duration of skill.
  • Instant Karma (level 54): Majority of attacks are reflects back to the attacker.

Seven Sided Strike: An area effect skill in which the Monk uses blinding speed to attack multiple targets. As he is using the skill he can not be damaged.

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  • Sudden Assault (level 23): Teleports to enemy and increases damage.
  • Several-Sided Strike (level 29): adds more hits to the skill.
  • Pandemonium (level 37): Has a chance to be stunned.
  • Sustained Attack (level 43): Reduces cooldown time.
  • Fulminating Onslaught (level 60): Each hit causes an explosion dealing holy damage around the enemy.

Sweeping Wind: A sweeping attack that damaged all hit by it.

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  • Master of Wind (level 27): Increases duration.
  • Blade Storm (level 33): Adds additional damage and can be stacked with additional damage.
  • Fire Storm (level 38): Increases radius and adds fire damage.
  • Inner Storm (level 46): Once stack is at maximum, additional spirit is gained.
  • Cyclone (level 56): At the maximum stacks, critical hits can summon a lightning tornado.

Tempest Rush: Run through enemies, dealing damage and slowing them.

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  • Northern Breeze (level 11): Reduces cost to cast skill.
  • Tailwind (level 20): Increases speed.
  • Flurry (level 33): Slows enemy's movement speed.
  • Slipstream (level 45): Reduces damage taken.
  • Bluster (level 56): Once hit, enemy deals less damage.

Wave of Light: The Monk summons a giant bell that deals Holy damage and then deals damage to all in its path.

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  • Wall of Light (level 18): Increases holy damage on the first strike.
  • Explosive light (level 25): Creates a burst that adds additional holy damage.
  • Empowered Wave (level 35): Reduces cost of skill.
  • Blinding Light (level 49): On critical hits, it stuns enemies.
  • Pillar of the Ancients (level 57): Summons a pillar that add additional damages.

Way of the Hundred Fists: A combo skill, first the monk dashes to his target dealing a single punch, then he unloads with multitude of rapid punches, then finishes it off with a AOE attack.

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  • Hands of Lightning (level 24): Adds additional hits.
  • Blazing fists (level 32): Critical hits increases speed am movement speed which can be stacked.
  • Fists of Fury (level 40): Adds a dash to the attack and deals additional holy damage.
  • Spirited Salvo (level 48): Chance of generating spirit per attack.
  • Windforce Flurry (level 60): The third hit creates a wave which adds physical damage in front of the player.


Column HeadColumn Head
Beacon of Ytar: All cooldown times are reduced.
Chant of Resonance: Manta time is increased and adds spirit regeneration.
Combination Strike: Each different spirit generator increases damage for a certain amount of time.
Exhalted Soul: Increases maximum spirit and adds regeneration to spirit.
Fleet-Footed: Movement speed is increased.
Guiding Light: When healing another player, both players can do extra damage for a certain amount of time.
Near Death Experience: When the enemy deals a fatal blow, a certain percent of health and spirit is restored. Once used, has to be cooled down to be used again.
One with Everything: The highest elemental resist would equal to all of the other elemental resists.
Pacifism: When stunned, immobilized or under a far or charm spell, damage taken is reduced by a percent.
Resolve: Upon attack the enemy, their attack damage is reduced.
Seize the Initiative: Armor is increased via Dexterity.
Sixth Sense: Dodge chance is increased by a percent of what the Critical Hit Chance is set to.
The Guardian's Path: When dual wielding, increases chance to dodge. Using a two-handed weapon increases spirit regeneration.
Transcendence: Every point of spirit is converted to life.

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