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Monks, while typically devoted to their religion of choice and dedicated to a life of poverty, are often masters of hand-to-hand combat.  They can can often dish out more damage with their fists and feet than a skilled warrior can with a sword or hammer.


Human Monk
Human Monk
In EverQuest, onks are some of the most fearsome fighters in all of Norrath.  While living a life of poverty and limited to cloth or leather armor, they are masters of hand-to-hand combat.  While they do have the ability to wield blunt weapons, most monks rely only upon their fists and feet.  A monk in a solid group of adventurers fully buffed can be unstoppable, but even a solo monk can excel in Norrath thanks to their ability to mend wounds and feign death.  When a situation appears to be too overwhelming, monks can feign death, wait for the enemies to leave, then make an escape.  This ability also makes monks sought after by groups of adventurers as monks can use this ability to "pull" enemies one at a time to the group instead of several at once.  Monks are limited with how much equipment they can carry.  If a monk is carrying more than 15 stone, they begin to lose armor class.  Because of this, and because it would otherwise impede their ability in hand-to-hand combat, monks are limited to cloth and leather armor.

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