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Best accomplishement of Lucasarts to date

Where to begin, well, well Monkey Island 2 LeChuck's revenge is a graphic adventure game by Ron Gilbert, and is the 2nd game in the Monkey Island Franchise and another game to use the SCUMM engine..

Once again we take control of the Unfortunate Pirate Guybrush Threepwood, who entertained many the gamer back in the original Monkey Island, and im happy to say also made this true again with this installment and in my opinion did it better.

However even though the game does very much revolve around its comical nature, (although i was sad to see no Insult sword fighting in this game) it is not its only saving grace, because as fans of The secret of Monkey Island will know, we also come to Monkey Island to challenge our brains.

Now this game brought a new feature to the franchise, multi difficulty, The full puzzle game, then another mode called Monkey Island Lite. Monkey Island lite mostly follows the same story with a few minor differences naturally, as many puzzles are cut from this version,  however both games come to the same conclusion.

It was sad to see that much of the translation from full to lite was confused such as, references to places not accessible in Lite still being mentioned. To add to this someone who has completed the full game on "Hard" may be confused with the changes to a few main puzzles, missing characters and missing items.

Now onto the actual game, the puzzles in this game, i found to be more interesting than its predecessesor, taking place in a few more environments and engaging with more whimsical and crazy characters, such as Governer Phatt, Largo leGrande, Captain Dread and Wally.  In game like this elements such as the character is crucial as nobody wants to sit and go through puzzles with no real reward or incentive, and because of this the game has uniqueness, with the only other game capturing this quality being Broken Sword.

Graphically the game in not much better than Monkey Island 1, (which is to be expected as they were only a year apart), that horrid character screen from the original was wiped and a more cartooney feel was added, this suited the game much better, a picture was added to each item which was pleasing to see, although added nothing to convenience.

Now you may be saying, "well what good have you to say about it" well i can tell you, ALOT!
The dialogue is ingenious
The characters are entirely unique
All in all wraps up what a graphical adventure game should be like.

Finally the score I gave this game a 5/5 completely because this game is amazing to me, and as a fan of Graphical adventure games, is the best on offer closely followed by Broken sword 2, but never mind thats another story

For fans of the Genre a must have 5/5
Others can subtract 2 maybe 3 from this score

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