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Monkey Kombat is a right of passage for the monkeys of monkey island. A sacred tradition that many monkeys hold dear. Monkey Kombat is built upon a rock-paper-scissors mechanic in that the five monkey stances is dominant over two stances, and is weak against the other two. It also is similar to insult sword fighting in that you must spew insults, in monkey tongue, to switch between stances. The monkey insults are comprised of the four oldest words in the monkey language, ack, opp, eek, and chee. The best monkey combatant is bestowed the honor of wearing the cerimonial bronze pirate hat.

The Five Stances

The five stances in Monkey Kombat are the Anxious Ape, the Bobing Baboon, the Charging Chimp, the Gimpy Gibbon, and the Drunken Monkey. You must memorize the monkey insults to be able to switch between stances, you have to memorize them because the game randomizes what stance beats the other every time you start a new game.

The Monkey Insults

As well as memorizing the stances, you have to memorize the insults to switch between stances. To switch between stances you spit any combination of 3 of the ancient monkey words, eek, oop, ack, and chee. If your opponent, or you are unsuccessful in changing stances, you are penalised by staying in your stance. If you want to stay in a stance you must repeat any three of the ancient monkey words three times. Which stances and how to switch between them are randomized every time a new game is loaded.


The name Monkey Kombat is a pun of Mortal Kombat.

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