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    Monopoly: Here & Now Worldwide Edition

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Oct 20, 2008

    The famous Monopoly board game comes to the current generation of consoles featuring a variety of new features, including mini-games.

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    Up to four players take turns buying, selling, and trading properties as they roll across the board. The properties on the board are divided into different colors, and once a player obtains all of the properties of the same color (a monopoly), that player can then buy houses for those properties. The game boasts a variety of customizable options, including how much money (if any) a player gets if he/she lands on Free Parking.

    New Features

    Different Board Types: The cover boasts that the new game features "Classic and World Edition Boards," but the game includes many more, including a cheese themed board.

    Mini-Games: Various Monopoly-themed mini-games to be enjoyed in a party-like setting, such as "Get Out of Jail" and "Grab All the Money."
    Super-Fast Mode: The all-new super-fast mode lets you trade properties to get rich quick!

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