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MONOPOLY Streets plays almost identically as the classic board game released by Parker Brothers. The idea of the game is to eliminate your players by making them go bankrupt. The best way to do this is to own three properties of the same color, also called monopolies. A player obtains properties by landing on the square and buying them. Monopoly also allows trading of properties among players, giving the game a heavy strategic element.
When a player builds a monopoly, they have the option to begin building renovations. Each renovation(represented by houses or hotels) costs the player money, and the hope is that the opponent will then land on your owned square and pay you the dividend that is allocated on the card.
MONOPOLY Streets takes the player's tokens and characters and puts them on the actual board and only between turns will the character see the top-down view of the board. During the game, the characters will often animate themselves with the 'narrator' and MONOPOLY staple, Rich Uncle Pennybags.
MONOPOLY Streets allows for online multiplayer up to 4 people. 

Game Variants  

MONOPOLY Streets offers the classic MONOPOLY, but also several other different game variants of the classic board game. The following is a list of all the game modes in MONOPOLY Streets and a brief description of each.

Official MONOPOLY: This is the classic game of MONOPOLY. 

Speed Die: This variant adds a third die to the mix. Players get more money in the game and the third die can be rolled into several different options including where to place your piece. 

Short Game: Players are randomly dealt properties and when the first player goes bankrupt the winner is whoever has the most money at the time. 

Bull Market: Similar to a short game, but instead in Bull Market the game is over after twenty turns. Whoever has the most money after these turns is declared the winner. 

Jackpot: Jackpot is similar in structure to classic or 'official' MONOPOLY. In this variant when a player lands on 'Free Parking' they are awarded all the money that other players put into the pool for taxes and bails. Properties can also be built up with houses and hotels without owning all of the three in that particular group. The winner is declared when a player reaches 5 thousand net worth. 

Fast Deal: The goal of this variant is to claim all the properties rather than winning based off of net worth. A player is declared a winner when he gains two different color groups.  
Along with these game variants, MONOPOLY Streets allows the player to change what are known as the 'house rules'. Many things like time of auctions, money allocations, and win conditions can be changed in the house rules.

MONOPOLY Streets Store  

MONOPOLY Streets uses an unlock system found in one of the games menu. In the street store you can purchase two separate sets of items. Both Tokens(game pieces) and Boards(different layouts) can be purchased in the store with points you earn from in the game. 


The Tokens are as follows (those noted without prices are automatically unlocked from the start of the game):
  • Top Hat
  • Shoe
  • Moneybag (15,000 MONOPOLY points)
  • Car
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Dog
  • Cop Hat (20,000 MONOPOLY points)
  • Battleship
  • Iron (10,000 MONOPOLY  points)


The Boards are as follows (those noted without prices are automatically unlocked from the start of the game):
  • Cheese Board (6,000 MONOPOLY points)
  • Cardboard Board (7,000 MONOPOLY points)
  • Landmark City (25,000 MONOPOLY points)
  • Classic Board
  • Jungle Board (9,000 MONOPOLY points)
  • Sweet Board  (10,000 MONOPOLY points) 
  • Plaza Board  (5,000 MONOPOLY points)
  • Ice Board (8,000 MONOPOLY points)

MONOPOLY Streets Characters

 Every piece(or game token) in MONOPOLY Streets is accompanied by their own animated character. These characters move along with the token. They serve no real gameplay purpose, but rather are there for style and animation. These characters often interact with Uncle Pennybags when the character lands on a property or community chest square. 
The following is a list of every token's corresponding character: 
  • Battleship - Admiral
  • Dog - Dog Walker
  • Car - Race Car Driver
  • Wheelbarrow - Farmer
  • Shoe - Little Girl
  • Top Hat - Magical Kid
  • Iron - Maid
  • Cop Hat - Officer
  • Moneybag - Burglar
In the xbox 360 version of MONOPOLY Streets, the player has the option to use their avatar as a character instead of the defaults mentioned above. The avatars animate and interact in the same style as the aforementioned character list.
These avatar also have a preset list of 'emotions' they can display during games. Pressing down on the thumbstick reveals a list of five seperate emotions a player can give to their character. These include: "happy", "angry", "sad", "sleepy", and "confused".

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