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    Cyborg member of Winds of Destruction. Uses the weapon known as "Dystopia."

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    Named after the intensely rainy storms that travel through West Africa, Asia to Australia, member of the Desperado Enforcement LLC and the group Winds of Destruction. Carries a pair of "Tactical Sai" called "Dystopia" which have magnetic features and he also has magnetic limbs which can help him stretch across the field and attack at great range.


    Not much is known about Monsoon's past, though optional codec conversations reveal that he was a victim of the Khmer Rouge a long time ago and his original body was mutilated beyond repair. Somehow the only "real" part of Monsoon left is his head, while the rest are just metallic body parts held together by Lorentz force.


    Monsoon is an unplayable boss character, but Raiden fights him at the steps of World Marshal HQ and a robotic, AI-controlled clone later inside the building. He makes use of smoke bombs to hide his position, and then can strike from multiple locations. Using magnetic force, he can send parts of his body to attack Raiden while keeping his head away. If he sustains enough damage, he generates enough Lorentz force to summon a large, jagged wheel full of metallic pieces that can be parried or dodged. When Raiden tries to attack him in Blade Mode without stunning him, Monsoon can simply shift his body and head to move it out of position of Raiden's sword.


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