Have the 3DS with CPP XL...Should I buy a Wii U?

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I am thinking about getting a Wii U to play MH3U on my TV when home and still use my 3DS for trips (I travel for work 50%). Kinda hoping some other bombers have both. If you do, how easy is to transfer saves? Does Packet Relay work on WiFi? Did the Wii U version ruin your enjoyment of the 3DS (graphics and screen size)? Does off screen play work well?

Thanks in advance.

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@serverfull: I bought the Wii U version after playing the 3ds version for a while because I wanted to try multiplayer and didn't own a circle pad pro. The save transfer process was really simple. You just need to start it with an app on the 3DS and an option on the menu of the Wii U version. Your save can only live in 1 version of the game at a time so you have to remember to transfer it back to your 3DS.

Packet relay doesn't work on wifi and requires a wired connection via an ethernet adapter.

Gamepad only play works incredibly well if you don't use the touch screen features that much. The text is still incredibly tough to read on both versions of the game no matter what screen you use to view it. The Wii U version didn't ruin my enjoyment of the 3DS version and I would still play it.

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@zidd Thanks for the info. I bought the CPP and love it. I think I will be getting the Wii U and version later. Have you tried the off screen play on your gamepad? That would be cool to do in bed instead of using my 3DS.

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@serverfull: I play it in gamepad only mode all the time. You just have to remember to switch it on in the options menu (Options > Game Options > set gamepad to type 2) before you start playing.

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@zidd Much thanks for the info. That was very helpful. What is your weapon of choice? Also how far in / hours are you? I am around 25 and Moga 4 Star quests with my dual blades.

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34ish hours in with switch axe and 5* quests.

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