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One monster of a game 4

     Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, the third of the series to be launched exclusively on the PSP.  This game is a gem if I have ever seen one, a very unique title in itself.  Boasting a whopping 500 hours of gameplay, and several dozens of sets of armor, weapons, and items; this title is bound to keep you amused for hours on end.  Many critics have praised the Monster Hunter series since its first release on the PSP on the title Monster Hunter Freedom 1(one).  Although in the Americas it is not ...

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Freedom Unite Review 1

Okay, so by now you all probably know that Monster Hunter is Japan's religion, but not so much in the US of A. And, as you can see by my review score, it deserves to be just as popular here. First, I'm going to talk about the game's cons. First off, as you all know, the camera control is very clunky and has been since its debut on the PS2. This was to be expected in Unite, and yes, I admit that it is a major flaw. One minor flaw that everyone seems to be pissed off at is the learning curve. Yeah...

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Even more Giant Monsters! 0

 What could I say about Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (from here on will be abbreviated as MHFU)? It is a game that could destroy lives and suck the very life out of a person playing it, or in most cases said person's sanity! But alas I kid, I kid; In all honesty this game is about killing giant enemy crabs over and over again! Oh c'mon I couldn't help the pun! But yeah giant enemy crabs are just one of the many species of monsters in MHFU. In case you were wondering this is a giant expansi...

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Hunting Season is on again 0

 In honour of the announcement of Monster Hunter 3 Portable, I figured it was time to get off my ass and finally write a Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite review. MH:FU is the third game in the PSP version of the Capcom franchise. Building upon the foundations of the previous entries, it's the best of the PSP series to date. Packing tons of content, an addictive looting system and fantastic co-op mode, you can lose hours upon hours tearing up beasts both large and small. But be warned, the game sti...

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Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Review 0

This piece of the Monster Hunter franchise finds itself on the PSP where you will take on the persona of a brand new monster hunter coming to town to replace the old one, and keep peace in the village. You'll be taking on numerous quests as well as creating equipment to better suit your needs.Graphically this game does alright. There's definitely a lack of smoothness around the edges of most creatures, character, and environment when you get up close and personal with them. The change in scenery...

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Monster Hunter returns to hunt down a bigger fanbase My DZ review 2

 If you were living in Japan right now, then you'd most likely know of the Monster Hunter franchise. It's a huge phenomenon over there, with something like 8 million copies in the franchise sold. What's even crazier is that the latest edition for the PSP, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G as it is named in Japan) has already clocked over 3.3 million sales in the land of the rising sun. Not bad for a game that's only been out since the end of March 2009. The rest of the...

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