Horizon Zero Dawn - Monster Hunter World Crossover part 2

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This event will run until March 5th apparently, so not a whole lot of time if true. Some people will have missed out on the Palico armour that turns them into a Watcher, so if you want to get this set, you should make sure you get to HR11 by the end of the month. At least they're giving everyone plenty of time to get there - HR11 doesn't really take that long, you just follow the story missions and you'll get it.

The armour set will be a full armour set and will turn your avatar into Aloy - regardless of your gender or skin colour or anything else. You have to wear it all or none of it - same with the Palico armour. With the Palico you can give it a different weapon though, so the same should be true here.

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It's super dumb this is time limited. Luckily I did get the watcher lens for palico armor and "unlocked" it even though I don't have the ore to craft it yet. I know lots of people weren't so lucky, it's really stupid, especially since it's advertized on the box. I really hope the events return in the future more times to give players more chances of getting this stuff. It doesn't matter that it does not take that much time to get there. it will be a shame if it does not return, especially for users who buy MH:W way later and not on release/now.

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yay, now Horizon's bad ginger techno native american-ish art design aesthetic gets to infect one of my favorite games

i know tons of people loved the art design from Horizon but I just wasn't a fan. i'm surprised they didn't piss off any tribes with their grab bag like aesthetics hodge podge of native cultures. not that they deserved any bad sentiment, i think they meant well.

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