The Big Thread Of Monster Hunter World Cross Overs - New Devil May Cry Edition

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Instead of making a new thread for each announcement, as they seem to be happening quiet a bit, I'm just going to make this one and keep updating it.

Today Capcom announced that they're bring Dante into MHW as part of a celebration cross over to commemorate the launch of their Devil May Cry remaster.

You’ll get to fight hellish foes in Monster Hunter: World to earn this devious combination of the Force Edge and Alastor. In Monster Hunter, that weapon falls in the Charge Blade category, and typically features a hefty shield that, when combined with its matching sword, can turn into a massive axe. As you can see, we’re putting a bit of a DMC twist to the formula and leaving the shield out of the picture altogether (you’ll still be able to guard though) and instead of a sword turning into an axe, you’ll get a Force Edge that turns into a massive Alastor. I, for one, cannot wait to wield one of these and slash a Deviljho in the face... to see if it cries. Please stay tuned for more information on when this content will be available. It will be available to all Monster Hunter: World players; you just need to complete the right Event Quest when the time comes.

Past Events include

Horizon Zero Dawn and Street Fighter V.

Thanks to an announcement on the Playstation Blog regarding the H:ZD outfit we know that these events are planned to rotate around and become available at different points in time, so don't worry that you've "missed out" on anything.

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Was not expecting a charge blade, but I like what they're doing with it! I've been having a tough day, so I appreciate the very fun and goofy trailer, too.

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This is cool, just like the other two! I've missed out on those thus far because my Hunter Rank has not been high enough (currently sitting at 9), so I'm glad they'll rotate the others back in as well.

What Hunter Rank do you guys think I would need to get to be able to get these weapons/costumes/whatever? Was it a lot higher than 9 for the other two?

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@dudacles: I think it was 11 for the Aloy stuff - I doubt it'll ever be much higher than that. Certainly not higher than that. At the very highest I doubt they'll put anything behind level 16 - that requires you beat the game.

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Looks pretty cool but i'm not spending £8 (or however much they charged for the hodouken) for the gunslinger emote.

Hopefully this isnt exclusive to the PS4 like the other two were.

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Seems very fitting since Deviljho is coming soon. Can't wait for new info and potentially an Update Roadmap in tomorrows MHW livestream! Managed to get my tickets for Aloy skin finally, but it's great to hear stuff will rotate for those who missed stuff. That's they way it should be :D

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Good day to be a Charge Blade main. Hopefully this is a decent end-game blade. The Eloy boy didn't seem tops, but since I'm not a bow user, it was hard to tell.

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@slax: The bow was mostly "okay." There are definitely better bows. I expect the charge blade will be similar - okay and fun for the novelty of it, but not something you'll want to use all the time. I'd love to be wrong, though!

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holy fuck, i want that charge blade.

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@slax: The Aloy bow wasn't the best in the game, but it's not terrible and if you use it while playing as her it works well. The armour set skills she has feel very true to how she plays in Horizon which is good.

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