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    Monster Hunter

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    Monster Hunters are the protagonists of the Monster Hunter series. They hunt monsters with armor and weapons made from monsters' remains.

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    Monster Hunters are the player-operating protagonists of the Monster Hunter series. They usually don't have names but are referred to as "the hunter". In a world where humans and monsters co-exist, Monster Hunters are the ones who are paid to hunt monsters. They collect monsters' remains after they finish the jobs to make armor and weapons.

    Monster Hunters are extremely skilled combatants and weapon users. They easily are the best warriors of mankind capable of fighting on par with monsters. Some hunters even saved the whole world several times.

    Monster Hunters are the masters of 14 types of weapons:

    • Great Sword
    • Sword&Shield
    • Dual Blades
    • Long Sword
    • Hammer
    • Hunting Horn
    • Lance
    • Gunlance
    • Switch Axe
    • Charge Blade
    • Insect Glaive
    • Bow
    • Light Bowgun
    • Heavy Bowgun

    Besides weapons, they carry various equipment to assist them during battles. Such as potions to restore health and stamina, flash grenades, sound grenades, monster traps, and barrel bombs.


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