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Vice travels the land with his jewel monster, Schatten, seeking the Abomination that has killed his mother. One day a mysterious stranger appears, telling Vice that he is too inexperienced as a summoner to ever defeat the Abomination he is looking for. The man tells Vice to journey to the Order, an academy for jewel summoners, to learn the location of the monster and become stronger. Upon arrival, Schatten is absorbed into the monolith structure at the center of the academy. Vice agrees to join the jewel summoners until his monster can be removed. He needs Schatten to avenge his mother, and while he learns the ways of the jewel summoners, Vice learns that his journey may be more important than revenge.


Monster Kingdom: Jewel Summoner is a turn-based rpg. As a jewel summoner, players collect monsters that battle the Abominations that are causing destruction to the world. Each monster is tied to an element with strengths and weaknesses. Amalgamy is a customization system where monsters can learn new abilities that can even compensate for their weaknesses. The system can also evolve monsters as well as increase stats to make them stronger.

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