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Monster Madness is a 4 player co-operative survival action game, mixing melee and twin-stick shooting, centered around ridding the evil monsters from your town. The game is a top-down experience, with the ability to pick up coins and parts to build new weapons and upgrade existing ones. On the Xbox 360 Monster Madness also features 16 player multiplayer modes over Xbox Live. All of the standard game modes you would come to expect in a shooter are present (Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch, etc.) Unfortunately, the lobbies are currently empty, making it nearly impossible to partake in the Live experience.

The PC version has the least content out of the Xbox 360 edition and the PS3 version named "Monster Madness - Grave Danger". This version has no downloadable content, no online play nor leader boards. The recommended processor is a P4 @ 2Ghz or AMD equivalent while the game is supposedly not even multithreaded, AI and physics steer the framerate right off a cliff.

Each character have there ow personality and favorite weapon which adds some dynamics to the game;

Zack – Nerd

Carrie – Goth

Andy – “Oddball”

Jennifer - Cheerleader


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