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    Monster Truck Madness 2

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Apr 30, 1998

    Players can race all the big name monster trucks such as Big Foot and Gravedigger as well as new custom WCW and NWO trucks. Along with classic lap and point-to-point races, there are a variety of multiplayer king of the hill and monster truck rally events.

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    Monster Truck Madness (abbreviated to MTM2) is a PC racing game featuring Monster Trucks. The game was developed by Terminal Reality and published by Microsoft games in 1998. The game offers improved graphics, an updated interface, new tucks and tracks and the the addition of variable weather conditions over the first game. However, the game engine is essentially the same one that was utilized in the original game. Proof that they share the same engine is that most of the custom tracks and trucks are compatible with both games in the series.

    This game was one of the first to utilize online play capability. The "Summit Rumble" king of the hill tracks could only be played online.   With WCW and NWO themed cars available to use, so particular WCW wrestlers like Sting and "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan have videos that play after a summit rumble match.  Again, "Army" Armstrong provides commentary for the game. However, his race calls have been updated and new ones have been added. Although a decade has passed since the game's release, there is enough of a cult following that there are still hundreds of people playing Monster Truck Madness 2 and they have produced over 5,000 tracks, with a similar amount of trucks, that have been published.
    Just like the game before it, the game contains an inaccessible truck called "Chuck's Car" (a Chevrolet Camaro). It was intended to be unlocked by typing in "CHUCK" in a race. The game still displays a message when it is typed: "Restart the game to drive Chuck's Car." However, when the player restarts the game, it isn't there.

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