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    Montel Vontavious Porter

    Character » appears in 5 games

    MVP is an American professional wrestler who has appeared in WWE games.

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    MVP's Personal Life

     Early Career

     MVP (Real Name: Alvin Burke) started to wrestle after doing 9 1/2 years from a 18 1/2 year prison sentence for a armed robbery, he wrestled on the independent circuit since 2002 under the name of Antonio Banks, and he had appearances with Full Impact Pro Wrestling and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. He signed a developmental contract with the WWE in 2005 after a number of successful dark matches, and he wrestled in Deep South Wrestling for his training. It was here he started his MVP gimmick - A cocky superstar who is self obsessed and only cares about himself.


     He made his debut on WWE television on the August 4, 2006 edition of Smackdown with his MVP gimmick, negotiating a contract with the GM Theodore Long and he continued to do so until a video was uploaded of his contract signing on September 26. He made his official in ring debut at No Mercy 2006 defeating an unknown competitor named Mart Garner. He was mocked for being over hyped, wearing an athletic "Power Ranger" suit, and for defeating a basically unknown opponent. He then started a feud on Smackdown with Kane because he wanted better competition. He defeated Kane in a street fight, and a cage match before losing to him at Armageddon in an inferno match and suffering (fake) first degree burns. He then started a feud with Chris Benoit over the United States title losing to him at Wrestlemania 23 and Backlash, before winning the title in a 2-out of-3 falls match at Judgment Day 2007. He was then put into a successful feud with Matt Hardy over the title, with them having many bouts over a period of time (With some gimmicks thrown in) with MVP winning the matches to keep the title. MVP then won the tag team titles with Matt Hardy in the midst of their feud before losing them to The Miz and John Morrison on Smackdown. Matt Hardy suffered a legitimate burst appendix so MVP was put into feuds with Ric Flair and Rey Mysterio and he participated in the Money In The Bank Ladder Match at Wrestlemania 25 (Which he was close to winning before Matt Hardy interfered). He lost the title to Matt Hardy at Backlash (And he ended his reign at 343 - the longest in WWE history). He participated in the championship scramble match at Unforgiven in a losing effort. He started a losing streak on the August 29 2008 edition of Smackdown and as of December 2 2008, hasn't won a single or tag match since then. If he doesn't win a match in the next few weeks he will be fired and (Fake) forced to pay his contract from the past few weeks.

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